Technology from Faraway Lands

I’ve only been to two CESs now, and both times I’ve really enjoyed an area called the “International Gateway.” Populated by companies from the far east, in particular China, Taiwan and Korea, this area showcases very small vendors in an atmosphere wholly unlike that of the rest of CES. The small booths are arranged in long narrow rows and the structures are more or less uniform. You don’t see a lot of press or tour groups, and you’ve never heard of any of the companies.


What you find as you walk the aisles of the International Gateway ranges from the banal to the interesting to the absurd. If there’s one thing I think you can say there is the most of, it is off-brand Android tablets. It seems like every third booth is showcasing numerous different sized and shaped Android tablets. One vendor told me that the 7” model in his booth sells for $45.


There’s also electronic signage, and a company that makes a Segway clone, LED lighting, and lots of Bluetooth speakers. Also, one company was showing off a USB-enabled BB gun.


So next time you come to CES, try and carve out an hour or two for the International Gateway. If nothing else, it’s a great break from the vibe of the rest of the show.