Oscar Tweets Total 8.9 Million

In case the Superbowl didn’t prove that Twitter was the second screen of choice for most viewers, Twitter today reported that a total of 8.9 million Tweets were generated over the length of the evening: 2.1 million during the red carpet, and 6.8 million during the awards show itself. Some of the winning moments included the return of musical numbers, which included Adele’s “Skyfall” performance and award; the two events set records for second and fourth tweets-per-minute (TPM) moments, with 82,300 TPM and 64,000 TPM, respectively. Michelle Obama’s cameo presenting the Best Picture award to Argo generated 85,300 TPM, Jennifer Lawrence clocked in 71,600 TPM for her Best Actress award and ensuing trip-up, while Anne Hathaway’s Best Supporting Actress award generated a comparatively paltry 60,400 TPM.