More Apps Downloaded On Android In Q1 But Apple Reports Higher Profit

According to data released yesterday, 51% of all apps downloaded during Q1 of 2013 were downloaded from Google Play. But although Google had the majority in terms of numbers, Apple took the cake in terms of revenue, raking in 74% of overall app revenue during the same time period. And at the same time, although the App Store and Google Play remain the major heavyweights as far as app stores go, BlackBerry World and Windows Phone Store are still direct, though admittedly distant, challengers. Perhaps surprisingly, the strongest growth over the first quarter of 2013 came from South Africa and Brazil, where significant increases in downloads were registered, but without the corresponding revenue jump. This means that the downloading capabilities are in place, but that people aren’t quite ready to take out the checkbook just yet, but many think that in the near future, these markets could represent many billions of dollars of growth.