ION Release Sub-$100 Smartglasses

Wearable technology as a trend is burgeoning. With Galaxy Gear, Google Glass, and other soon-to-be announced gadgets, it’s a veritable market. The problem? Much of it is pricey, and it looks like you’re actually wearing technology. ION Glasses, though, is looking to change all that. In indiegogo funding right now, they’re prescription eye glasses and sunglasses that interact with the user’s smartphone or tablet, and offer functions for notification, remote control, and alerts. They act as more of a companion device than as a standalone piece of technology in their own rights. It’s a very different model than has been proposed by other smart technology makers, who think that their tech should, for the most part, stand alone. Presently the pledged total stands at $10,500, and each pair of glasses runs for $79, and they will likely be released before Google Glass hits the public.