Taco Bell Already Using Snapchat Stories

When Snapchat stories launched, nobody was really sure how exactly it would be used by Snapchat users, let alone by brands. But early adopter Taco Bell, who immediately took to Snapchat when it first launched, is already playing with the “newsfeed” of ephemeral images. Essentially, they’re banking on the fact that their consumers love to share experiences of eating Taco Bell – as well as the circumstances of going to the chain – and created a Story that modeled that experience, so as to connect with the followers on a deeper level. As well, Taco Bell is looking to use the medium to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at the company and its restaurants. The metrics of this methodology are certainly novel, and are far from defined; nonetheless, the chain is going ahead with the strategy, making them the first of their kind. It’s unclear if there is a direct ROI at this point, but at the very least the brand is doing something different, and making waves in the process.