CES 2014: Samsung’s UHD TV Comes With Video Pack

Samsung’s CES press event featured about as many possible developments as one could hope to fit into an hour-long talk. Of particular note, though, was its massive 105″ UHD TV. Last time TVs were front and center at CES was when 3D TV was all the rage, but as we now know, the lack of content and clunky interface ultimately doomed the medium. Curved, UHD TVs, however, don’t have the latter pitfall, but how will they bring users content to warrant the upgrade? Samsung’s addressing this issue with what it’s calling a “Video Pack,” which comes with purchase. The idea is to preload the device with movies from Fox and Paramount, provide UHD streaming from Amazon video, and certain DirectTV channels. Cable providers Comcast, as well as Xfinity, were among the names included in the pack as well.

So, with the content and technological medium in place, will UHD stick where 3D failed? Only time will tell, but it appears that manufacturers and content providers are learning from their mistakes and trying to ensure that the new platform is attractive enough to consumers to drive sales.