Does The Super Bowl Mark The Start Of 4K Adoption?

It’s easy to herald this the age of 4K after CES this month, but like 3D TV before it, it’s going to come down to whether or not there’s actual content in 4K that makes a genuine difference for users. So this Super Bowl, Fox is aiming to get ahead of 4K by showcasing its 4K camera capabilities. The stream for TV will be in 720p resolution, but at the big game there will be four 4K cameras that will help capture images in what Fox is calling “Super Zoom” – essentially, they’ll zoom in 720p to get hi-res zoom. The idea, for next season, is to get 8K cameras so that when they zoom and stream regularly it will be in 4K, so Fox is in essence preparing this resolution trick to be scaled up. It means that 4K might actually make a difference to sports fans in the near future, and as sports are a big driver of hi-res TV sales, the TV manufacturers who put money into 4K designs will be happy to hear about Fox’s utilization of the technology.