IPG Lab Releases 2014 Outlook

IPG Lab 2014 Outlook Download

We are really looking forward to a new year and the marketplace innovations that we hope will have a profound effect on media audiences in 2014. While we didn’t get everything right regarding our thoughts we had for 2013, that’s OK!

To us, what’s important is not what didn’t happen, it’s about why things didn’t happen.By understanding the “why,” we are better able to fine-tune our perceptions for what’s next.

For 2014 we would love nothing more than to point to 10 guaranteed disruptions, but we all know that it’s never safe to make assumptions in this business. To be effective, we need to be fast and we need to be curious. Our curiosity will lead us to discover, test, learn — and refine. And through this process we will fuel the next generation of communication strategies, tactics and creative.

These pages will give you a sense of what excites us for next year. Take a look and let us know what you think @ipglab; we’d love to hear from you.