Hisense Scales Down For Mobile World Congress

Any visitor to CES in the last two years can attest to the Chinese manufacturer’s intent on making a huge splash at the conference.   Their gigantic booth seems engineered to cause the uninitiated to ask: “What is this company I’ve never heard of? And how did they get a booth as big as Samsung’s?”

With that experience in mind, I was surprised to see their comparatively pint-sized set up at Mobile World Congress (pictured above). Competitor Huawei, by contrast, had a large presence and sponsored the conference badges which featured its logo prominently.

When I walked up to the booth attendant to sincerely ask if this was “the main Highsense booth,” his answer was as direct as it was disarming: “Yeah. We can make the stands as big as you like, but we’ve only got 12 phones.”  Fair enough.