Amazon’s Set Top Box Will Be A Dongle

The rumormill has been churning for months now about Amazon’s set top box, and today TechCrunch is reporting that it might not be a box after all, but a Chromecast-style stick that plugs into the TV. As well, the stick will have support for streaming full PC game titles, and would, in this way, be able to compete not only with boxes like Apple TV, but consoles like Playstation and Xbox. It also makes sense from Amazon’s perspective, as Amazon’s store also sells PC and Mac gaming titles. It seems as though the remote gaming service will be akin to that of OnLive, the local streaming service offered by Nvidia. It would be a big, bold play by Amazon to attempt to offer a genuine, living room-dominating device that can truly do it all. We’ll have to see if it’s as good in real life as it is in rumors.