How Smartwatches Could Be Used For Ads

With Nielsen reporting that 15% of consumers are presently wearing technology, advertisers have taken notice. It remains likely that the new iterations of technological wrist-wear won’t feature ads, but as they become more of a cultural staple Madison Avenue will be thinking about how to get ahead of the curve, and here are a few examples of what that might look like. Hypertargeting, a concept already known to advertisers as a way to target people based on time, location, and other factors to serve the ad at the perfect moment, would become easier and more readily accessible on the watch. Helpful notifications or ads that provide value could be thought up via fitness trackers integrated into watches; for instance, if your pulse is high, a green tea company might ping you with an ad to help you calm down. It’s important to note that the smartwatch isn’t just another screen where traditional, interruptive advertising will work: the line between the body and the device is narrowing, and if marketers are seen as intruding what is an increasingly personal space, consumers will baulk.