Amazon To Announce Video Box Next Week

Amazon’s push into the set-top box realm has been delayed and push back for months – but we’re finally set to hear about which set of rumors are correct. We’ve heard almost everything, from a Chromecast competitor to a full-fledged set-top box, to a Netflix-like upgrade to Prime, and the image sent around to those invited to the event features a couch and popcorn – a pretty clear indication that they will be announcing TV-related news. Those in the know suggest that we’ll likely see a slightly more conservative set-top box, which would firmly position Amazon in the ongoing battle to control the living room that’s being waged by companies like Roku, Apple, and others. Whichever form it takes, it will be important for advertisers to take note of the continued trend towards cord-cutting, and to create new ways of reaching less and less cable-dependent audiences.