Amazon’s Magic Wand Keeps Your Kitchen Stocked

Amazon, fresh off the release of its new Over-The-Top box, has announced new technology to loop consumers into its Amazon Fresh food marketplace. For those in the Fresh market, Amazon is offering the Amazon Dash, a WiFi and voice-enabled barcode scanner that allows users to automatically add items to their amazon shopping list. For instance: if an Amazon Dash owner is running out of apples, they would only have to say “Apples” into the device and they would be automatically added onto their Amazon shopping list. The Dash recognizes other household items – not just foodstuffs – and could very readily become the go-to device for shoppers looped into this program. The notion of technology breaking down boundaries in the consumer retail space is one that’s immensely exciting for advertisers – it’s not hard to imagine a situation where Amazon can surface “native” related products on its website that a user might want or need.