More Meaningful Metrics At IAB Mobile Marketplace

Mobile measurement is one of the biggest challenges for marketers but some learnings at the IAB  Mobile Marketplace event demonstrate that we won’t be able to use that excuse for much longer.  And despite the lack of cookies, audience profile data, location tags, device IDs and more are giving marketers plenty of targeting capabilities.

YP’s David Petersen dove into some of the metrics his clients are using to prove the effectiveness of the platform. Initially, there are the engagement metrics, namely CTR, then secondary metrics if redirected to a landing page, etc. Far more interesting however, was store conversion rates as mobile allows brick and mortar clients to track ad exposure to store visits, leveraging location tags within apps. This seems to be of growing importance for mobile marketers as we get closer to mapping ad exposure to sales.

A YP client also mentioned the additional layer of store visit behavior they have access to through iBeacons. By placing these bluetooth beacons in stores, retailers can now begin to track movements within 1-100 ft in precision, using the phone as a proxy for shopper traffic. They can now understand time spent, which aisles shoppers were in and can offer proximity based messaging within apps.