Tumblr Has More Social TV Activity Than Twitter

According to a new study that looks at an 11-day window to compare live TV chatter on Twitter and Tumblr, the volume of social-TV activity on Tumblr far exceeds that of Twitter. The study, conducted by the U.K.-based Pulsar, pulled data from Datasift and looked at activity around four episodes from TV shows in the fall and winter of 2013: “Sherlock,” “Supernatural,” Pretty Little Liars,” and “Sleepy Hollow.” Pulsar found that 70% of those social mentions within 11 days of the show happened on Tumblr, with the other 30% on Twitter. Twitter mentions spiked whilst the shows were actually on TV, but Tumblr mentions had more longevity after the shows were off of the air, sustaining their momentum for days. So while Twitter might, in fact, rule the real time social mentions, Tumblr seems like the place to go immediately afterwords for the social afterlife.