BBC iPlayer Records Best Ever Month

BBC’s iPlayer is a leader in cord cutting content service; it’s an Internet-based TV and radio service that serves its content to those in the UK. The iPlayer just recorded its best ever month, reaching new highs for both requests and plays. Over the month, requests for TV and radio content rose to 320 million, breaking the old high of 315 million recorded in January. It’s an 18% year over year increase on content requests, signaling the burgeoning desire to stream content over the Internet rather than over cable. This is corroborated by looking at TV request data more specifically, which to rose to 248 million requests over the month, topping January’s record of 242 million requests. The top performing show? Top Gear, followed by The Voice. The data continue to point to the fact that people want specific content on their own schedules, over the Internet.