Gen Z Week: By The Numbers

If there’s one thing to know about Gen Z, it’s that their media habits are as fluid as any generation to-date as they relentlessly pursue platforms that suit their needs. Sick of sharing updates with everyone from their Aunt’s cat to their third grade teacher and they’ll hop to a more private network. Tired of data fees for texting and they’ll find an OTT messaging workaround.  You get the picture.

Here are some of the key findings from our latest research with 140 Proof and Pew which speak to this trend.

  •  61% surveyed have unliked/unfollow a brand

These numbers take into account surveys from a wider demographic. Gen Z likely indexes higher, only affirming the need to value engagement over likes. One-and-done campaigns to drive “likes” won’t have sustained impact.

  • Of the 107 million US adults who use two or more social platforms, more than half use four or more.

As marketers, we need to constantly experiment with new forms of media to keep pace with shifting behavior. Each platform has a different use case and warrants distinct strategies and objectives.

  • According to Pew, 19% of 18-29 year old Facebook users have had someone ask them to remove a friend from their network

Interestingly enough, the average Facebook user has 338 friends which is in conflict with Dunbar’s number of 150. You can’t actually having meaningful relationships with your entire social graph, can you? As a result, we’ve seen audience fragmentation as Gen Z moves to platforms like Snapchat and Line, among others.