Withings Activité Hides Smartwatch Features Within Fashionable Body

We’ve harped on this before: one of the biggest barriers to mainstream acceptance that faces the wearables industry is fashion. People don’t want to wear clunky technology just for the sake of having the technology on their bodies. Companies have begun to recognize this – most prominently with Motorola crowdsourcing high-quality designs for its Moto 360 – and the new leader in the consumer-facing fashionable technology is Withings, whose Activité watch is a classy wearable in disguise. It features a common second dial that tracks how close the user is to their daily fitness goals, which are synced via bluetooth to the watch. The watch tracks both steps and sleep, and the watch will vibrate gently to awake the user from the lightest point in their sleep cycle. It’s a well-designed watch first that happens to have some technology built in – something users have been clamoring for for some time.