Amazon Tests “Kindle Unlimited”, The Netflix For Books

Amazon is reportedly set to launch a new all-you-can-read e-book and audiobook subscription service named “Kindle Unlimited”, which will provide Kindle users with access to a potential library of over 600,000 titles for $9.99 per month. Such subscription-based business model has turned out quite successful for Spotify and Netflix, so it’s understandable that Amazon would be tempted to join the club now.

But would what has worked with music, TV shows and movies also work with digital books? After all, everyone would get Netflix for some binge-watching sessions, but binge-reading just sounds like cramming for a college exam. In addition, the major five publishers seem to be pushing back against this new service, with a representative form HarperCollins already announcing that it is “not participating at this time”, as it could potentially cut into their already meager profit margin. Despite these obvious obstacles it might face, it is worth noting that Amazon has a history of turning initially lackluster services, such as its Instant Video, into good ones, so perhaps they will find a way to make this work somehow.

Update: It’s been officially launched, with a decent but limited access to Amazon’s e-book library.