By The Numbers: Digital Privacy Concerns

As more companies collect personal data, the potential for leaks and scandals has dramatically increased, along with consumers’ concerns about misuse: according to a research conducted by Temkin Group, nearly 75% of the respondents were worried about their personal information, a figure that has steadily risen over the past 3 years.

privacy concern breakdown

Different digital platforms, however, encourage varying degrees of trust, as a study by Harris Interactive reveals. A majority (66%) of the survey participants expressed concern for privacy on social media sites—the least trusted channel overall, followed by email and web browsing.

privacy concern by platform

Distrust of social media sites in particular varies between generations. Younger users (those below 35) are more trusting, with only 12% saying they don’t trust such sites. Generally, skepticism increases with age, with one-third of Internet users aged 55 to 64 reporting distrust.


Clearly, digital privacy will continue to be a hot-button issue, so successful brands must carefully respond to consumers’ concerns and take appropriate steps to protect their data.