Event Recap: Future of Wearables

After sitting through the good and the bad of yesterday Apple’s event, it seemed appropriate for the IPG Media Lab to attend the Future of Wearables event at Story NYC.  The event was spearheaded by PSFK founder Piers Fawkes alongside Billie Whitehouse, creator of Wearable Experiments, and Amanda Parkes, founder of Skinteractive Studio.  Here’s a look at the four most interesting companies discussed:

  • Ringly: The first line of rings that connects to your phone and unobtrusively sends you custom notifications through vibration and light.
  • Continuum Fashion: The first collection of ready-to-wear 3D printed shoes, bikinis, and of course, the classic little black dress.
  • Alert Shirt: A shirt that lets fans to get closer to the action by allowing them to feel what the players feel in real-time.
  • NAVIGATE: An urban wayfinding jacket that directs people around town.

The event did not incorporate the “Quantified Self,” instead focusing on how technology can augment the senses. We look forward to watching FashionTech evolve as smaller companies work with new partners to incorporate futuristic concepts such as kinetic threads, battery textiles, and disposable wearables.

photo 1