CES 2015: The Best New 3D Printers Roundup

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3D Printers made their splashy debut at last year’s CES and continued to evolve throughout 2014. At this year’s CES, well-established brands like MakerBot and 3D Systems aren’t likely to release any major updates to the flagship desktop machines they debuted last year at CES, but plenty of other companies are coming out with new, improved offerings. Here are some highlights:

Ultimaker, now three years old, expanded beyond its Ultimaker 2 with the Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended.

ROBO also came to CES with an expanded lineup, which now includes the new R2, R MEGA, and R MINI, which will sell for just $399.

Taiwan’s XYZprinting unveiled their $349 da Vinci Junior, which is reportedly much easier to manage than their current da Vinci 1.0 model.

Voxel8, which draws its founding team from Harvard, announced an interesting hybrid machine that prints both plastic and conductive ink. A developer version of the printer will begin shipping in late 2015.