Event Recap: February 2015 NY Tech Meetup

Once again, New York’s largest hangout of tech dorks and startups occurred at NYU’s Skirball Center to see apps, coding solutions, on-demand services, and (of course) personal robots.

Attendees seemed most excited about Pager, an app that brings back a very old on-demand service — house calls. Pager allows users to book house calls from doctors, submit their symptoms, and shows nearby doctors. The emerging connected health space is still mostly unregulated, but Pager says their app is HIPAA-complient.

Other standouts were Dasher, a messaging app complete with rich media like GIFs; MindMyBiz, which aggregates public data to give more insights to small businesses; and Abacus, an expensing tool for businesses (used by everyone from Foursquare to Y Combinator). A really unusual presentation was from Robotbase, an autonomous AI stand which connects to all IoT devices, apps and open tech in a house and interfaces via a cartoon avatar on a stand.

Rounding out the pack: Bowery, a cloud coding solution that facilitates development; Kids Creation Station, which uses 3D printing to bring children’s drawings to life; Classcraft, which turns any classroom into a role-playing; and Poacht, which is something like Tinder for job discovery.

(Image via tech.co)