Snapchat Reveals Plans To Be More Brand-Friendly

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In an interview at the Code Conference this Tuesday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel did his usual round of horn-tooting about the rapid growth of the app, hinted at an ambitious plan for IPO, and revealed some future plans to make Snapchat more brand-friendly.

Spiegel said the company would eventually add a self-service ad platform to “make it easier for brands to be brands”. So far brands can only get on the platform by purchasing expensive ad units within its Stories and Discovery features, and a new self-serving ad platform would certainly give brands more freedom to test and explore the messaging app. However, don’t expect Snapchat to start actively helping brands with more organic use of the platform just yet, as Spiegel seems to consider it “frustrating when brands come on to [Snapchat] and tries to act like a person”.