Apple WWDC Preview Round-up: Apple Watch SDK, Music Streaming Service & More

With next Monday’s Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just around the corner, more new information, credible or speculative, regarding the impending event is surging up in the press. Here are four handpicked preview items that we believe all brands should be aware of in preparation for Apple’s announcements.

Improved Watch Apps with New SDK
Corresponding to Apple Watch’s planned retail expansion, Apple is set to release a new SDK on Monday that will allow access to the many sensors and “Digital Crown” on the Watch. Already, we are seeing early-adopting brands like Office Depot coming up with their own Apple Watch app, and we expect more brands to take advantage of the new functionality offered by this new SDK to further improve their apps on Apple Watch.

The Double Duty of Apple TV
A new Adobe report on digital video consumption surfaced today, indicating a sharp growth of Apple TV in the past quarter, likely due to the recent price drop and the its previously exclusive support for HBO Now. We reported on Wednesday that Apple TV is set to become the control hub for the connected devices. Although The New York Times reports that there won’t be any new Apple TV hardware debut next Monday, some updates are due on the increasingly crucial role that Apple’ set-top box will play in its ecosystem.

Apple’s Ready to Revolutionize Music, Again
The beta of iOS 8.4 released in April already offered a sneak peak of what Apple’s long-anticipated music streaming service may look like. And now, reports are claiming that Apple is set to take on Spotify with a $10/month subscription service, along with an augmented free, ad-supported Internet radio service. If launched successfully, this could once again change the landscape of the music industry as the iTunes Store did in early 2000s, while also presenting brands with new channels to connect with its listeners.

iOS 9 to Refine the Future of Mobile
In recent years, Apple has made it habit to preview the next OS software at WWDC, and this year should be no difference. The upcoming iOS 9 is reportedly focused on stability and only includes minor upgrades, such as new keyboards, an enhanced Siri, and the haptic Force Touch feature. As the mobile user experience continues to improve as Apple refines its mobile OS, brands need to adapt to a “mobile-first” future that is quickly becoming a reality.

As always, the Lab will be live-tweeting @ipglab during the events, followed by original posts highlighting the brand implications of the new announcements. Check back Monday afternoon to find out more.

Header image taken from Apple’s Live Streaming Site