New Apple Pay Feature Allows Brands To Push Offers Via iAd

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At the WWDC event last week, Apple Pay received a major update that added support for rewards and loyalty programs. Now, new reports claim that with the new Wallet app in iOS 9,  revamped from the old Passbook app, Apple will allow brands to send out customized offers through its mobile ad platform iAd.

As Apple noted on its blog, The Offers feature will allow marketers to push out personalized brand messages that can also be “triggered with updates specific to a store location via iBeacon”, or alternatively targeting users by age, gender, location, or “specify custom demographics using their own data”.

If Apple could smoothly integrate this new feature into Apple Pay without being too intrusive, it would be of great use for brands and marketers alike, as it can reach loyal customers with specific messages that reflect their preferences and interests, or help acquire new customers by presenting a location-sensitive value offer at moments that matter. We see great potential in this new feature, as Apple sure loves that it offers advertisers more reasons to jump on iAd, where it takes a 30% cut of the ad sales.