Amazon Will Pay E-Book Authors Per Page Read

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Amazon has come up with a new way to distribute the revenue pool to self-publishing authors on its subscription-based e-book service Kindle Unlimited, as well as its Prime member’s Kindle Lending Library. After complaints from authors that the current scheme treats books of all lengths equally no matter how much time authors put into them, Amazon will go a step further than paying per page written.

It may seem like a crazy idea at first glance, but it is in fact in tune with the pricing scheme that most over-the-top subscription-based services employ, aligning consumption with compensation. Moreover, this per-page-read compensation model would offer Amazon and publishers a granular metric for measuring reader behaviors. This kind of digital-enabled “measurable intimacy” (which you can read more about in our 2015 Outlook) provides a great way for brands to connect with their audience, as well as getting nuanced feedbacks.