Uber Attempts To Infiltrate Ecommerce Via Return Services

What Happened
Leading ride-hailing app Uber is aiming to infiltrate ecommerce space with a new “Return Service”, which helps busy and lazy online shoppers to easily mail back the purchases they wish to return without actually going to the post office or UPS outpost. As an extension of its existing UberRush service in Manhattan, Uber is offering the first return for free, and charges each subsequent pickup a $4 flat fee.

What Brands Can Do
Uber has always been ambitious in expanding its platform’s reach into new territories, including healthcare, food delivery, and even urban planning. Recent reports also suggest that it is working to develop a merchant delivery program for same-day delivery of goods powered by UberRush couriers and Uber drivers. For retail brands, especially the smaller ones that operate locally and does not have the resources to develop their own logistical services, Uber’s recent entry into the ecommerce space could turn out to be a great opportunity to seize and leverage into offering a better customer experience.


Sources: Uber Newsroom