How Coke Zero Added Value To Its TV Ads Using Shazam

What Happened
Coca-Cola launched a new campaign for Coke Zero that employs tune-identifying and mobile discovery app Shazam to add interactivity to its TV ads, which feature well-known ESPN personalities asking viewers to use the Shazam app during the ads to instantly receive a digital coupon for a free 20-ounce bottle, redeemable at select stores such as 7-Eleven, QuickTrip, Speedway and Domino’s.

What Brands Should Do
With its audio-detecting and redirecting capabilities, Shazam could serve as a bridge between the primary screen and the second screens. This new Coke Zero campaign marks the first time a brand offers real value to its audience with digital coupons via Shazam, whereas previously brands mostly integrate Shazam into their ads to redirect viewers to destination sites. As more and more consumers turn to mobile devices, it is imperative that brands come up with interactive solutions like this one to engage with the audience.

Source: AdAge