Verizon’s OTT Service To Feature Content From Vice News And NCAA Games

What Happened
New details have emerged on Go90, Verizon’s mobile video service first announced in July. The platform will feature a mix of select TV series and short-form videos, including original content from digital studios including Vice Media, DreamWorksTV, and Collective Digital Studio. Live programming featured on the app will include NCAA football and basketball games, as well as international soccer matches. The service will be available via a free, ad-supported mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

What Brands Should Do
As we previously wrote, Verizon has long been making good use of the consumer data it acquires through its wireless service, including app usage and web browsing habits. Combined with AOL’s ad tech that Verizon now owns, the Go90 could offer brands some great ad targeting. If Verizon can provide compelling content for its platform, Go90 could grow into a late-bloomer in the OTT market, and a rare one that is actually ad-friendly.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter