Fashion Meets Live Streaming At NYFW

What Happened
The future of New York Fashion Week will be live streamed. While approximately 100,000 people attended last September’s shows in person, 2.6 million live-streamed them instead. This year, the streams are going mobile, as Ralph Lauren announced it’s broadcasting its Collection show live on Periscope next week. Moreover, Rebecca Minkoff recently packaged its fall 2015 show into a virtual reality video with Jaunt, a California-based cinematic VR company, for an immersive viewing experience.

What Brands Should Do
Fashion shows are usually well-produced luxury experiences, and fashion brands would be missing out on the opportunity to reach a wider audience if they don’t take advantage of nascent media platforms and emerging technologies. Moreover, brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger have started to include buy buttons on their live streams that link to their online shops, turning the content streams into direct sales channels, something that more brands should explore.


Source: Racked