Twitter And Google Team Up To Accelerate Mobile Web

What Happened
In response to Facebook’s “Instant Articles” initiative to natively host publishers’ content for quicker access, Google and Twitter are teaming up to accelerate the speed of mobile web. The joint effort, reportedly to be launched with a small group of publishers this fall, differs from Facebook’s Instant Articles or Apple’s upcoming News app, as it won’t host publishers’ content, but instead to show readers cached Web pages from publishers’ sites.

What Brands Should Do
With Facebook’s dominance of the mobile ad market, it makes perfect sense for Google and Twitter – its two biggest rivals – to work together. Google’s cached Web pages will reportedly display the original ads the publisher sold along with the content, which in a way, would make these ad units more appealing to advertisers and brands. For brands that are skeptical of giving up total control over content to the likes of Facebook’s and Apple’s platforms, this new initiative between Twitter and Google would likely be worth looking into.


Source: Re/code