Are Branded Emojis The New Ad Unit for Twitter?

What Happened
Coca-Cola has partnered with Twitter to unveil a new custom emoji as part of its “#ShareaCoke” ad campaign. Previously, Twitter had only introduced these custom emojis for special events, such as promoting the upcoming new Star Wars movie and the VMAs, but never as part of an ad deal. The beverage company also seems to be working with social influencers, as evidenced by this tweet from famous racer Danica Patrick.

What Brands Should Do
Given the enduring popularity of emojis, it’s not hard to imagine Twitter continuing to sell custom emojis as a new ad unit to brands that wish to make a splash on the social platform. Brands that wish to try it out would be wise to start early, as the novelty might start to wear off once more branded emojis get introduced.  


Source: TechCrunch

Header image courtesy of The Coca-Cola Co. on Twitter