Twitter Opens Ad Network For Pre-Roll Video Ads

What Happened
Twitter is getting serious about video ads. The microblogging social network has expanded its Amplify program to include an ad network for pre-roll video on Twitter which allows marketers to  to automatically place six-second ads before videos professionally created by a wide range of publishers across the TV and digital publishing industries including Fox, MTV, Univision, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, and AOL.

What Brands Need To Do
Taking a page out of YouTube’s playbook, this new pre-roll ad network will no doubt bolster Twitter’s video ad capabilities. With the launch of the “Moments” feature earlier this week, Twitter now has a great channel to package its video content and deliver it via neatly curated collections to audiences based on their varying interests. Pre-roll ads offer a great spot to connect with the audience in a native way, and brands seeking to amplify their social reach should definitely take this new ad network into consideration.


Source: The Wall Street Journal