Instagram Beefs Up Its Ads With 41 New Tech Partners

What Happened
In a bid to improve its ad products, Instagram announced new partnerships with 41 new ad and marketing tech vendors, hoping to leverage their diverse offerings to complement its existing ad tools. For instance, the list of new partners includes popular mobile ad networks such as Nanigans, Adaptly, and SocialCode, which can help boost spending from advertisers that are used to planning and measuring campaigns through these platforms. Meanwhile, vendors that provide content management solutions, such as Tongal and Percolate, can help brands on Instagram ramp up their content marketing capabilities.

What Brands Need To Do
Instagram already launched its ad API this summer for ad tech firms to easily plug into its ad products, and this new partnership program will no doubt further improve its ad products and encourage more ad spending. Moreover, some tech vendors can provide new targeting options, such as a House of Blues campaign that targeted people with similar musical tastes using CitizenNet’s ad tools. If your brand is advertising or plan to advertise on Instagram, it would be smart to tap into the proprietary tools by those third-party tech vendors to figure out the most efficient ways to spend your ad dollars.


Source: AdWeek