Google Wants You To Try Out Apps Before Downloading

What Happened
App-install ads — mobile ads that prompt users to download an app – take up a significant portion of mobile ad spending, with U.S. mobile app-install ad revenue expected to top $4.6 billion this year. And now, Google wants to improve app-install ads by giving users a better idea of the advertised apps before they commit. Last week, Google introduced a new mobile ad unit called “Trial Run Ads,” offering users a 60-second immersive demo of apps before they download, and will only cost advertisers when users click the install button.

What Brands Need To Do
This new ad unit feels like an natural extension of Google App Streaming that the company started testing on Android devices last month, which allows mobile users to search and view app content without having to download the app. Trial Run Ads adds new interactivity to app-install ads, which should help make those ads more engaging and appealing to mobile users. For brands that are looking to boost their app usage, offering a demo through Trial Run Ads can help remove some of the frictions in getting users to download apps, while easily showcasing the features and capabilities of their branded apps.


Source: TechCrunch