Adobe Makes Its Ad Platform “History-Aware” For More Effective Retargeting

What Happened
Adobe promises to help retailers eliminate ads for products that the targeted consumer has already bought. It is making its Marketing Cloud ad platform “history-aware” by incorporating past behavioral data including purchase histories into retargeting, the company announced at the National Retail Federation’s annual retail conference earlier this week. Moreover, Adobe is also tapping into contextual data to help retailers send more relevant triggered messaging to prospective customers via email, texts, or push notifications.

What Retailers Need To Do
Adobe’s new addition to its ad platform helps eliminate one particularly annoying part of digital advertising – being retargeted by ads that are no longer relevant. It also highlights the value of integrating customer data into their digital efforts, something that retailers should work with their ad tech vendors to implement, which will make for more effective retargeting and ultimately drive better sales.


Source: VentureBeat