Would You Trade Full-Screen Mobile Ads For $5 Off Your Sprint Bills?

What Happened
Sprint is experimenting with a new way for customers to save on their bills – by downloading an app that temporarily turns your home-screen into an ad. Working with startup Unlockd to create an Android app called “Boost Dealz,” Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile will now offer their customers $5 off their monthly bill when they install the app, which displays full-screen ads after users unlock their phones. It’s unknown whether ads will be presented every time one unlocks their smartphone, though odds are that they would be presented frequently.

What Brands Need To Do
What Sprint is attempting to achieve here is an interesting flip-side of a recent market trend where consumers are increasingly choosing to avoid ads by using ad-blockers or ad-free subscription services. By offering ads in exchange for a monthly discount, Sprint is making a straight-forward value proposition to its customers to let them decide whether they will opt in to see the ads. Regardless of how many customers take Boost up on this offer, it provides a good example in how brands of all types can circumvent the rise of ad-blockers by offering added value.


Source: CNN Money

Header image courtesy of Boost Mobile