You Can Now Order Domino’s Pizza From Amazon Echo

What Happened
Amazon Echo’s virtual assistant Alexa just gained another useful skill just in time for the Super Bowl. Popular pizza delivery chain Domino’s utilized Alexa Skills Kit, a developer tool kit for Echo, to add the capabilities of placing and tracking orders by voice commands to Alexa. Echo users simply need to enable the Domino’s skill within the Amazon Alexa app by linking their account to their Domino’s Pizza profile and they are good to go. By doing so, Domino’s is the first in the pizza and quick-service restaurant industries to integrate with Amazon Echo.

What Brands Need To Do
As Alexa’s list of skills continues to grow, Amazon Echo is becoming increasingly business-friendly, creating a unique platform for brands to connect with consumers in their living rooms via a voice-based conversational interface. For brands, this kind of interface brings new challenges in discovery because they only present limited options to users. Therefore, brands will need to be active in getting on board with those voice-activated devices via deep integrations or partnerships.

For more information on how brands can develop authentic brand voices and navigate the new discovery systems outside of standard SEO, check out the Conversational Interfaces section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: CNN Money


Header image courtesy of Amazon on YouTube