Viacom And Snapchat Join Forces With Multi-Year Ad Deal

What Happened
Old-school media giant Viacom and hot messaging app Snapchat have joined forces in a multi-yeara ds and content deal, the companies announced Tuesday. With the deal, Viacom will bundle the Snapchat ads with its own TV inventory and sell them independently. Moreover, Viacom will also add more channels to Snapchat’s Discover platform, and give Snapchat exclusive access to Viacom-sponsored events like the VMAs on MTV channel. Previously, Snapchat already surfaced content for Viacom-owned networks Comedy Central and MTV.

What Brands Need To Do
The new ad deal signals Snapchat’s continuous efforts to monetize its platform by expanding its ad offerings with Viacom’s help,whereas Viacom can leverage it to reach Snapchat’s young-skewing users, who are increasingly shunning traditional media in favor of digital and mobile videos. For brands seeking to connect with teens and young Millennials, working with Viacom to get on Snapchat may be a good option worth exploring.


Source: WSJ