Foursquare Adds Delivery Feature Thanks To And Button

What Happened
Local search and discovery service Foursquare is adding a new feature to its app. User can now  order from any restaurant that supports orders via, which includes over 10,000 businesses across the United States. The new feature works through the deep-linking platform provided by Button, which also integrates services like OpenTable and Uber. This means that although users can see the menu and prices in Foursquare’s app, they will have to switch to’s own app (and install it) where they can complete the purchase.

What Brands Need To Do is but one of the many on-demand local delivery services, as it faces strong competition from the likes Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber, which is reportedly buidling a separate app for UberEats. So partnering up with a local discovery app is a smart move to increase its reach for For local businesses, this integration means one more channel to reach out to mobile consumers and keep up with their growing demand of on-demand fulfillment.


Source: The Verge