Twitter Makes Direct Message A Better Consumer Service Tool

What Happened
Twitter is making it easier for brands to use its platform for customer service. The microblogging network has added two new features to its private messaging feature specifically for this cause. Now brands can add a new button to a tweet that opens up a Direct Message to help customers move the conversation into private messages when private information is needed, such as payment information or membership ID numbers. Moreover, a new feedback feature now prompts customers to rate their experience on a 0-to-10 scale after a chat with customer support on Twitter. Last week, Twitter also started supporting videos in Direct Messages, making it possible for brands to send instructional or promotional videos to customers when needed.

What Brands Need To Do
As more and more customers turn to social media to talk with brands, either asking for help or airing their grievances, perhaps knowing that the publicness of such interactions may guarantee faster responses, it is important for brands to be more proactive in their social customer support and properly use the new tools to handle the requests and complaints. Combined with Twitter’s new buy button, the new tools can also help brands advance their social commerce initiatives.


Source: TechCrunch