Pharma Brands Can Now Target Households With Mobile Ads

What Happened
Mobile ad firm 4INFO is teaming up with healthcare marketing analytics provider Crossix to help pharma brands more effectively deliver and measure their mobile ads. With this new partnership, healthcare marketers can now combine Crossix’s predictive data models and 4INFO’s ability to target mobile ads on a household level to identify and engage with relevant health consumers on their mobile devices.

Crossix developed the data models by using third party data such as over-the-counter drug purchases using loyalty cards, medical claims data indicating a doctor visit, and information from retail pharmacies showing prescription refills. No actual medical data that would identify an individual as having a specific disease or condition was used in the process, according to the company.

What Pharma Brands Need To Do
Due to HIPAA rules that prohibit the use of personal health information for media targeting purposes, pharma marketers have long struggled with the challenge of reaching their target audiences. However, since the data models developed by Crossix do not involve an individual’s actual health data for media targeting purposes, this partnership may have opened the doors for pharma brands to enjoy the ad targeting perks that others have been enjoying for a while. With the growth in mobile usage and advances in ad tech, pharma brands looking to improve their ad effectiveness can consider using the new ad products those two companies now offer.


Source: AdAge