Google Brings App Streaming To App Install Ads

What Happened
In November, Google started testing an app streaming feature, which surfaces in-app only content and allows mobile users to experience select apps for one minute right from search results. Now Google is bringing that demo experience to search ads with the debut of Search Trial Run Ads, which will run through AdWords and include a “Try Now” button. After tapping the button, users will have a chance to try out the advertised Android app for up to ten minutes before deciding whether to download the full version.

What Brands Need To Do
As consumer attention on mobile devices continues to be dominated by apps, app discovery has become a real issue for brands. With this new ad product, brands now have more time to demonstrate the features and benefits of their apps and convince users to download. Plus, the targeting capabilities powered by Google’s vast user data should also make this new ad product more appealing to brands and developers looking to acquire users for their apps.


Source: Marketing Land