Adobe To Launch Data Co-Op To Improve Cross-Device Attribution

What Happened
Following the debut of its Audience Marketplace last November, which allowed brands to more easily share their first-party data, Adobe has announced a new Cross-Device Co-op program to further facilitate data cooperation between brands. The company will use contributed logged-in data from any single brand to determine groups of devices owned by an individual or household, and all other brands participating in the co-op program can tap into that data to accurately track and target identified users across those devices. Adobe promises that users can opt out of this tracking and that all users are anonymized.

What Brands Need To Do
As consumers jump from device to device throughout the day, it is important for brand advertisers to figure out how to identify people instead of devices. At the moment, marketers often depend on utilizing Facebook and Google log-ins for cross-device tracking and targeting. This new tool from Adobe should help reduce marketers’ reliance on those platforms and provide brands with improved attribution, more effective targeting capabilities, and an overall better understanding of their audiences.


Source: AdWeek