Google Makes It Easier To Embed 360-Degree Content For Cardboard Viewing

What Happened
Google launched a new VR embedding tool called VR View to make 360-degree content more accessible. VR View allows developers to embed 360-degree photos and videos in their websites or apps to be viewed on Google’s Cardboard viewers or with a single-lens “Magic Window” viewer. The company also debuted an iOS version of its Cardboard SDK, which enables developers and brands to use Cardboard-compatible VR content in apps for Apple’s mobile devices.

What Brands Need To Do
360-degree content offers an immersive experience that brands should use to engage with customers. For example, hotels and realtors can use 360-degree photos to offer potential buyers virtual tours of their properties. With the new VR View and Cardboard iOS SDK, Google is making it easier for brands to incorporate 360-degree content into their sites and apps. For brands looking to stay ahead of the curve, now would be the time to start developing branded 360-degree content and make it easily accessible.


Source: TechCrunch