BetterBrand Launches Chat App Marketing Platform

What Happened
London-based startup BetterBrand is launching a conversational marketing platform to help brands communicate with customers on various messaging apps. Brands using this platform will be able to engage users who visit their public page or account on supported chat apps with predefined conversations that follow a customizable conversational flow-chart and may include rich media such as photo, video, links, and buy buttons. Currently, BetterBrand supports Kik, Viber, Telegram, Slack, and KakaoTalk, with support for Facebook Messenger coming soon.

What Brands Need To Do
BetterBrand says its platform will be the first self-service marketing platform for multiple chat apps. The announcement comes at a time when big technology companies like Facebook and Microsoft are pushing brands to get on chat apps and start talking to consumers. According to eMarketer, messaging apps will reach 80% of global smartphone users by 2018. So it is in the best interests of brand marketers to experiment with conversational platforms to connect with consumers in popular chat apps.

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Source: Marketing Land