Why Brands Should Consider “Micro-Influencers” For Paid Social Campaigns

What Happened
A new study from influencer marketing platform Markerly found that once a social media influencer passes a certain amount of followers, the audience engagement they get actually begins to decrease. The study surveyed two million social media influencers and concluded that for paid posts on Instagram, the sweet spot for maximum impact is an influencer with a following in the moderate 10,000 to 100,000 range. Markerly calls those micro-influencers. While major social influencers with millions of followers may provide more extended reach, brands that activate a number of micro-influencers may actually achieve a higher conversion rate.

What Brands Need To Do
As consumers increasingly opt out of seeing ads and Instagram plans to introduce a Facebook-like algorithmic feed, more and more brands are turning to paying social influencers to get their messages across via sponsored posts. For those brands, this new study should prompt a reevaluation of their influencer strategy to see if it makes sense to team up with some micro-influencers with compatible audiences in order to reach their target demographic more effectively.


Source: Digiday