Facebook To Add Analytics To Chatbot Platform

What Happened
Since Facebook announced its chatbot platform for Messenger at its F8 conference last month, chatbots have garnered a lot of attention from brands and marketers alike. According to Messenger’s head of product Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook has started developing “a full-fledged analytics system” for its platform to help brands better understand how their chatbots are doing by breaking down, for example, which calls to action or messaging schedules are most engaging. In addition, he revealed that there are currently “tens of thousands” developers building chatbots on its platform and cited Activision’s Call of Duty bot, which exchanged 6 million messages in its first week, as a standout.

What Brands Need To Do
As we pointed out in our Fast Forward analysis on Facebook’s F8 Event, brands should consider developing useful bots to reach customers on the popular messaging apps they’re already using. The upcoming analytics tool will offer a way for brands to monitor the performance of their chatbots and improve their services accordingly.

For more information on how brands can effectively reach consumers on messaging apps and other conversational platforms, check out the Conversational Interfaces section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: TechCrunch