Viacom Partners With AmEx To Forecast Purchase Intent

What Happened
Viacom has teamed up with American Express to launch a new ad product called Vantage Intent, designed to help marketers forecast purchase intent and reach the right audiences across platforms. It allows Viacom clients to tap into AmEx’s over $1 trillion of transaction data to create predictive audience segments that match AmEx’s data with Viacom’s viewership data, all based on anonymized forecasts and models to protect AmEx customers’ privacy.

Why Brands Should Care
Viacom has been making a conscientious effort in courting data partners in order to improve its ad products. Earlier this year, the media conglomerate reached a new multi-year deal with comScore for better cross-platform measurement, and later partnered with Roku to offer advertisers valuable data on the streaming audience. As Viacom continues to improve its ad offerings, brands should take advantage of the new tools available to devise and run more effective, data-driven campaigns.


Source:  Ad Exchanger